Essentials of Nutrition and Metabolism: The view from 30,000 Feet

viewIONC One Day Seminar Presented by:

Dr James Meschino DC, MS, ND, ROHP. 
On October 25  2013 Dr Meschino presented this new seminar to IONC members. Dr Meschino reviewed the key aspects of digestion, metabolism, and utilization of all important macro and micronutrients, as they impact energy production, body fat status, lipoprotein physiology, lipid levels and atherosclerosis, blood sugar, brain, liver, kidney, thyroid and adrenal function, myocardial function, blood pressure, as well as cancer prevention and development.

Dr Meschino provided a much needed view of nutrition and metabolism from 30,000 feet, enabling practitioners to visualize the complete, integrated function of all body systems working in harmony, and how they are impacted by specific dietary, exercise and supplementation practices.

This was a fun, highly illuminating seminar that did not compartmentalize learning into specific health conditions, but rather, enabled practitioners to see the whole metabolic system and clinical picture presenting as a whole. We  returned to our offices with renewed enthusiasm, sharpened clinical skills, and an unceasing commitment to spread the word that everyone in our community needs a RNCP/ROHP as a health advisor if they plan to have a highly functioning body and mind for as long as possible.

Thank You Dr Meschino for another Awesome seminar!




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