Are you on Track to meet your 2015 Goals?


Continuing our Business series with certified Business Coach

Jayne Huhtanen

by Jayne S. Huhtanen, Certified Business Coach


Fall is here, memories of the summer fun, heat and humidity are fading, and it is time to ask yourself:  Am I on track to accomplish everything I set out to achieve this year?


Very few people write down their goals each year, whether personal or professional, however the very act of spending time to think about what you want out of life, and writing it down, can greatly increase the chances of achieving it.  It has been shown that successful people think about what they want most of the time, unsuccessful people think about what they don’t want.  And unless you think about what you want, how can you know the path to get there?

This is the perfect time to look at what you wanted to achieve this year, see if you are on track, and plan corrective action.  Book a meeting with yourself, close the door, get some healthy snacks, a big glass of water, or your favourite tea, and ask yourself:


  1. What did I set out to achieve this year? Financially, professionally, and personally? Be as specific as possible:
    • How much revenue did I want to earn? How much income?
    • How many clients did I want?
    • Did I plan to launch any new products or services?
    • What did I plan to do for vacation?
    • What did I want in terms of relationships with family and friends?
    • How much time did I want to spend with family? With friends?  Doing what?
    • What were my physical, mental and emotional health and fitness goals? Did I have an exercise routine planned, did I plan any changes to my eating habits, did I plan time for myself and what would I do with it, etc.
    • Did I identify any bad habits I wanted to stop, or any good habits I wanted to develop?
    • Did I have personal or professional development plans? What were they?


  1. For each goal, if I keep doing what I have been doing all year, am I on track to achieve or exceed it? The year is more than three-quarters done, am I three-quarters of the way to my goals?  Answer “YES” or “NO”.  Be honest with yourself.  No excuses.


  1. If I will achieve my goal, what have I done right that contributed to that success? What support did I have, who helped me, what was I able to accomplish because I was determined to do it, no matter what?  What else can I do to really blow those results out of the water?


  1. If I will miss my goal, what have I not done, that I need to start doing right now, in order to achieve the goal this year? When will I start doing it, how will I start?  What have I done that I should not have done (or maybe not done as much of, like playing Candy Crush, or watching too many cat videos on YouTube)?  What barrier is preventing me from achieving it, and how can I remove that barrier?


Taking the time now to review your progress to date, and take corrective actions while there is still time in the year, can make the difference between achieving your goals and having to explain to someone why you missed them.  Take action now!!


Next month, we will outline a process that you can use to set goals for your life and your business for 2016 – this is the time to start!




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