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Michelle Honda PhD. D.Sc.

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This month we introduce Michelle Honda PhD. D.Sc

Health History and Education

Since my early twenties, my journey has been one of learning the difference that quality nutrition can have on your current state of health and future well being. While dealing with two health concerns during that time, this journey led me in the direction of vegetable juicing as I investigated ways to improve my health through diet and supplementation. Because of the many improvements to my general health, and how I simply felt different on many levels, I started pursuing career options in this field. I embarked on a two year nutrition-oriented course in Toronto with I.O.N.C. ( This program included the full scope of education governing the Certified Nutritional Practitioner Designation, the Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner Designation.

Upon completion of this program, it became clear that I would require a university-level education to address widespread medical conditions. I was interested in a traditional degree program that would incorporate mainstream biology, physiology, anatomy while incorporating phyto- and biochemistry, as well as clinical nutrition. My main focus was acquiring enough knowledge to be able to address the cause of a disease or condition, as well as understanding the steps required in a reversal process. It was around this time that I developed an interest in iridology. Through my research, I learned that Westbrook University has the best iridology course available (next to those in England U.K.), along with the course subjects and criteria I was looking for. Eight years later I received my Doctorate in Holistic Health Sciences. My hard work was rewarded academically by being presented with an award for Academic Achievement, drawn from students selected from American Universities and Colleges. Upon obtaining this recognition, I received an invitation to attend Cornell University and a scholarship from Westbrook University.

Within two years of finishing my Ph.D. I opened a Holistic Health Clinic with my husband, Ron Honda, called Renew You Holistic Health ( in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, where I conduct my private practice. A couple of years into my practice, I started lecturing and writing articles for local newspapers and health magazines. I also spent a year as a featured guest at CHML Talk Radio on the Jamie West Show. Occasionally, and upon request, I have spoken to faculty members at Mac Master University on such topics as drug-free pain alternatives and drug and herbal interactions. Other talks have involved women’s health, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, environmental issues, thyroid health, homeopathy, and controlling pH balance in the body, while ongoing presentations continue to occur locally on various subjects; in particular, gastrointestinal health, hormones, empowering the body to heal, weight loss, and others.

As part of my path, I believe it is important to share knowledge and inspire awareness for non-drug solutions. It was this drive which initially prompted the first edition of this book. To this day, I remain in awe of the body’s capacity for rejuvenation and rebalancing when properly supported. It has become one of my life’s pleasures to witness how quickly people’s symptom complaints fall away, all the while being replaced by renewed expectations for the future.


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