How to Get People to Read Your Blog Posts

reading-blog-ioncBlogging has many benefits, but one of its challenges is that it requires your audience to come to you. However helpful your blog posts are, readers have to get there in order to read them.

In her latest guest post, Linda Dessau offers five ways to invite people back to your blog, and five ways to write what people want to read.

Blogging has many benefits, but one of its challenges is that it requires your audience to come to you. However helpful your blog posts are, readers have to get there in order to read them.

So how do you keep people coming back to your blog? You need to keep inviting them!

5 ways to invite people back to your blog

  1. Share links to your blog posts on social media – Not just once, but several times (here’s why you don’t have to worry about tweeting too much). Write a compelling “teaser” with a question or quote that entices people to read more, and customize a unique message for each social network.
  2. Put a link to your latest blog post in your email signature – You can update your signature manually each time you publish a new blog post, or a service like WiseStamp will do this automatically.
  3. Send regular email newsletters with links to your latest articles – As long as you’re providing valuable, helpful content, these emails will always be a gift, never an intrusion.
  4. Send blog post links as responses to questions – Once you’ve been blogging for awhile, you’ll have already answered the most common questions you hear. Whether in an email or an online discussion, a well-placed article link can boost your credibility and build new relationships.
  5. Ask people to invite their friends – If they’re enjoying what they read on your blog, they will naturally want to pass it along to others who would benefit. Make this easy with social sharing buttons (your web designer can install these for you). Include a note that lets your readers know how much you appreciate this support.

5 ways to write what people want to read

You want people to develop a positive association with you and your blog, so they’re excited to visit when you remind them.

Cleveland Clinic has the #1 most-visited hospital blog in the United States. I asked Amanda Todorovich, their content marketing director, how they discover which health questions are most important to their audience.

Here are just a few of her suggestions, with some additional tips from me:

  1. Listen for the questions you hear repeatedly from clients, and answer those questions in your how-to blog posts. Use similar language they use to describe their questions and problems.
  2. Monitor other health media sites and nutrition blogs (see Step Two in my seven-step process for starting a nutrition blog) for topic ideas and potential interview subjects.
  3. Find popular topics on social media and Google by searching for relevant keywords and hashtags. Put your own slant on those topics in a personal post.
  4. Ask your audience directly for feedback. You can do this informally as a question at the end of a blog post or on social media, or in a more structured way with a Twitter poll, survey, or questionnaire.
  5. Dig into your website’s analytics to find out what people are reading and searching for on your own site. Take note of which blog posts get the most response (social media likes, mentions and shares, blog comments, email opens and clicks). Expand on those topics or write related posts.

When you’ve spent the time and effort to publish a new blog post, be sure to let people know it’s there and remind them to visit!

linda-dessau-200-200Linda Dessau is the founder of Content Mastery Guide, where she helps wellness clinics and their practitioners attract new clients with a great clinic blog. She provides blog writing, blog editing, blog training, and blog management, so you get all the benefits of blogging with none of the headaches.

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