10th Annual Microcurrent Conference St. Petersburg, Florida Sept 30 – Oct 2nd

micro-1A report by  Catherine Carleton Fitchett R. Ac, ROHP

2016 – 10th Annual Microcurrent Conference

St. Petersburg, Florida Sept 30 – Oct 2nd

Micro-current is called ‘the Medicine of the Future’ and is a powerful healing modality.  I had the pleasure of attending the conference workshops and case presentations last week-end in St. Petes Florida.  (The weather was unsettled with many thunderstorms but nothing like Hurricane Matthew that the Florida east coast is now bracing for.)

Microcurrent therapy uses extremely low level electrical currents (microcurrents) to restore cellular function.  Each tissue in the body has its own signature electrical frequency and it can become disturbed by injury or disease.

At the cellular level, microcurrent therapy increases ATP production, the energy that fuels all biochemical functions in the body. It also increases protein synthesis for tissue repair.  The improved blood flow and reduction in inflammation reduces pain and muscle spasms and increases range of motion.

In yet other applications, Microcurrent stimulates innately the stem cells present in our own body and affects growth factors for all types of tissue regeneration. Muscle, ligament, bone, cartilage, blood, and adult stem-cell production all respond to electric and electromagnetic fields.

Every event in the body, either normal or pathological produces electrical changes, and alteration of the magnetic field in the spaces around the body  — referred to as The Bioenergetic Matrix.  This matrix is the interconnected network of extracellular, cellular and intracellular material that makes up the liquid crystalline molecular architecture of the body.

Dr. Allen Berger, a key presenter at the conference, lectured on the Bioenergetic Matrix and states:  “The body is a liquid crystal semiconductor antenna that exchanges frequencies between itself and its environment.  Liquid crystals typically undergo rapid changes in orientation when exposed to electric (and magnetic ) fields.  Biological liquid crystals carry static electric charges and are therefore also influenced by pH, salt concentration and dielectric constant of the solvent … (they are) ‘tunable responsive systems.   The matrix then constitutes a continuum that connects all parts of the body both mechanically and electronically.  Every force applied to the body, every movement, every biological event, every chemical exposure, every electromagnetic field, causes the liquid crystal molecular matrix to generate electronic signals that extend to and communicate with every part of the body.  The level of electrical activity in the matrix is directly correlated with health and vitality.“

Dr Berger went on to discuss types of interference fields and their affect on the entire matrix system.  Interference fields include:  injuries, scars, infections, toxins, implants, exogenous energies, emotions, thoughts etc .   Body symptoms he describes as often being remote aspects of body wide patterns of compensation to these interference field triggers and for lasting healing to occur, interference fields must be eliminated.

Interestingly, Microcurrent stimulates the Matrix and Acupuncture works via the Matrix. This helps explain why distal needling points affect seemingly unrelated  tissue or organs far removed from the actual needling site.   Berger says “Underneath the points…vessel-nerve bundles penetrate the fascia and bring a cylinder made of proteoglycans of the extracellular matrix with them.   As a result of their electrolability, proteoglycans react to every type of stimulus with depolarization, and can transmit these as chain reactions in the matrix system over great distances.  “

There were many other presenters covering a wide number of microcurrent therapy applications including treatment for chronic eye diseases, osteoporosis and fractures, post-traumatic stress disorder, sports injuries and concussions, stem cell therapy and pain conditions.

The date for next year’s 11th Annual Micro-current Conference is Oct 6-8, 2017 to be held at the Dolphin Inn Resort, St. Petes Beach, Florida.

Catherine Carleton-Fitchett, R. Ac, ROHP

General Manager, IONC


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