Leaving a legacy for ISF


The following post is an open letter from ISF Board of Director Chair Rosalie Moscoe.

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leaving a legacy for ISF.


Dear ISF/ION stakeholders,

As Chair of the Board of Directors, International Schizophrenia Foundation, ISF, I have some important news about the ISF that I need to share with you. For the past year, we on the Board of Directors have been assessing future directions for the ISF and its many programs, including the OMT annual conference and Journal (JOM).

Our greatest challenge has been attracting donations and grants to the ISF. We learned that we needed to consolidate the many faces of ISF, as there was great confusion among our stakeholders and in the marketplace at large, as to whom we were and what differentiated us.

As a result, we went through a re-branding process this past year that produced our new name ION, (Integrated Orthomolecular Network, and website, www.ionhealth.ca.

Having undertaken this exercise, fewer people have been enrolling in our paid professional programs and our revenue from our various funders and other fundraising efforts have also continued to decrease, while costs were rising.

We know many organizations are facing similar fundraising challenges. After careful consideration, we had to reconsider our position in the marketplace. With deep regret the Board of Directors decided to dissolve ISF/ION at the beginning of 2017.

However, we have made sure to leave a legacy for ISF/ION. Please see the  letter below that outlines that legacy. With your help, we know orthomolecular treatments will continue in the world.


Rosalie Moscoe, RHN, RNCP

Chair, Board of Directors, ISF/ION

Leaving a Legacy for ISF

Dear ISF/ION supporter:

Further to our previous communication regarding leaving a legacy for ISF/ION, the Board of Directors decided not only to create and leave a website for the public and professionals,www.ionhealth.ca, but also to provide two gifts, – one to be used for education and clinical practice and another for research using orthomolecular medicine.  (This is besides the funding given earlier to help The Journal (JOM) and ISOM’s OMT conference 2017.)

For education and clinical practice, ION has provided a gift to create a unique mental health initiative in the Schad Treatment Clinic at the Canadian College for Naturopathic Medicine, (CCNM), specializing in the use of nutrition to treat mental illness. “We are very lucky to have the one of the foremost experts in orthomolecular treatments, Dr. Jonathan Prousky, CCNM’s Chief Medical officer, taking the lead on establishing this innovative clinic. We expect to open its doors to patients in May 2017.”  – Bob Bernhardt, PhD, President and CEO, CCNM.

This gift will be used to not only develop curriculum to support interns in this clinic but also, to develop content for continuing education. Also to be established at the College will be an annual lecture series and call for papers. The lecture series and call for papers will honour Dr. Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD, founder of both orthomolecular treatments and the International Schizophrenia Foundation/ION.

Additionally, to support research into Nutrition and Mental Health, for both children and adults, a gift has been made to the Calgary Foundation, http://www.calgaryfoundation.org/;

– “Strengthening knowledge and evidence for the use of multi-nutrient formulas to ease withdrawal from psychiatric medication and provide alternatives to beginning pharmacotherapy.”


Rosalie Moscoe, RNCP

Chair, Board of Directors, ISF/ION


Author of Frazzled Hurried Woman! Your Stress Relief Guide to Thriving. . .Not Merely Surviving


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