Why Join IONC ?globe

Becoming a  professional member of  IONC helps establish legitimacy when  first starting out in the field; this is especially true for independent holistic Nutritionists because many  may be lacking the professional umbrella of a well-known company name or employer. Being an IONC member carries a degree of respectability when applying for jobs or presenting credentials RNCP /ROHP to potential clients.

Based in Oakville Ontario Canada IONC is proud to serve members from many countries across the globe including Canada and US as well as Europe Africa and the Middle East.

Some of the Benefits of Belonging to IONC

(Please feel free to contact Christine or Penny by phone or email at our Oakville Head office to find out more.)

  •  Professional Associate and Student membership options
  • 25% fee reduction for recent graduates (4 months)
  • Reduced group rate liability insurance
  • Reduced group rate Health and Dental coverage
  • Subscription to Natural Standard/Medicine database included with full/student memberships( $300.00 value)
  • 50% saving on Canada wide  All Access Goodlife Fitness($450 saving)
  • Reduced rates to IONC sponsored Educational seminars
  • Reduced membership fee to CSOM/ISOM
  • Free admission to CHFA trade shows
  • Access to professional Nutritional Products including Health Wave Virtual Dispensary
  • Access to professional testing
  • Monthly  E Newsletter including monthly member specials
  • Co-Operative advertising and promotion
  • Discount to Metabolic balance Coaching course
  • Organizational representation to legislative bodies
  • Public access to ROHP/RNCP member directory via IONC website linking public to ROHP’s /RNCP’s in their community.
  • Directory listing is used extensively by Insurance Companies to check member credentials.

IONC Membership is an investment in your professional credibility, personal development and growth you can count on us for advice, opportunities, and warm, personal support.

Explore Key Features  of the Most Comprehensive Database of Its Kind.

Natural Medicine subscription included with professional and Student memberships and available via IONC’s member only pages.

Here’s a quick look at some of the features included in a subscription:

Clinically relevant, bottom-line-focused information and ratings in our evidence-based natural ingredient monographs Over 90,000+ new commercial products including product data and evidence-based NMBER® rating system
Interaction Checker: check interactions between all drugs and 90,000+ commercial dietary supplements and natural ingredients Drug-supplement interaction data including evidence-based interaction ratings
Effectiveness Checker: quick comparison of the effectiveness of different natural medicines for a specific condition Comparative Effectiveness Charts: compare effectiveness of different natural medicines for specific conditions
Enhanced Interaction Checker and Nutrient Depletion Checker interface Pregnancy and Lactation Checker and Adverse Effects Checker
Patient handouts and consumer education monographs available in English, Spanish, and French CE Center with 30+ clinical management-focused programs and 100 natural ingredient programs based on monographs
Natural MedWatch: adverse event reporting at the point of care, allowing for quick submission of adverse event reports Additional databases including hundreds of topics on Health and Wellness and Sports Medicine
In-depth evidence tables and comprehensive review of evidence sourced from both databases and expert resources And more!

Click here to find out more about Natural Medicine tools.