Disciplinary Procedures

discipline 2Complaints and Disciplinary Process

All Complaints are referred to the IONC Board of Directors for investigation and determination of appropriate disciplinary action.  If the Board of Directors finds a practitioner guilty of professional misconduct or incompetence, it may:

  • revoke the practitioner’s registration and membership certificate
  • suspend the practitioner’s registration and membership
  • require the practitioner demonstrate competency through oral and/or written examination


IONC ensures that only Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioners (ROHPs) and Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioners (RNCPs) in good standing, up-to-date membership dues with appropriate insurance coverage, and that have met strict educational and ethical standards including appropriate yearly upgrades, be awarded the ROHP or RNCP designation.

If the public has been offered or provided services by someone who is not registered with IONC and call herself/himself either an ROHP or RNCP, this warrants IONC investigative action.  The public may refer to our website www.ionc.org to find our toll free numbers 1-866-540-1114 and contact information for fast and easy reporting.