IONC Board Directors 2016/17


1.Irene Yaychuk Arabei


Irene Yaychuk-Arabei ROHP, RNCP

IONC President Irene Yaychuk- Arabei has been involved in the Holistic Health Field since 1977. She is honoured to be President of IONC. Irene finds it a privilege to oversee the activities of IONC and watch its growth and development. She was one of the founding members of IONC in 1983. Irene holds a Master Herbalist degree from Dominion Herbal College and completed her PhD in Biochemical Nutrition with Donsbach University in 1986 with extensive research on “Herbs and Nutrition for the Modern World.

” Irene has studied homeopathy, Chinese medicine and acupuncture. She is certified as an instructor in “Touch for Health, Nutrition , Performance Enhancement, Specialized Kinesiology, Energy Balancing through Dowsing, Working with Crystals and Self Help Workshops. Irene’s background as an elementary teacher as well as special education brought awareness of how diet and environment affect learning and behaviour in sensitive children. This has led her to pursue work in brain integration through stress-free learning. She also teaches performance enhancement to dancers, singers, performers and athletes. Her own hobby of dance has improved tremendously by applying these skills. Irene is an avid gardener and conducts herb walks and garden tours. She also enjoys working with crystals and beautiful gemstone jewelry as an energy enhancement for clients. Irene’s vision for IONC members is : “For continued right to practice freely as health professionals; to be respected by our peers for our role in sustaining and maintaining optimal health for the public, and to have access to therapeutic supplements.”


2.Lisa Pigott, ROHP, RNCP, PKPlisa-pigott

Vice President

Lisa has volunteered with IONC in various advisory roles since 2006.She has found it very rewarding to support the organization through its growth, and to see the continued progress of awareness and respect of our field.  Lisa began her studies in the alternative health care field over 20 years ago, after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.It was through holistic health practices such as diet, supplementation, lifestyle changes and addressing all levels, body, mind & spirit, thatLisa was healed. Lisa brings her enthusiasm and passion for health and nutrition into her private practice, Lightstream Natural Health, located in Brantford, Ontario.  Working with holistic nutrition, energy kinesiology and emotional & spiritual healing techniques, Lisa guides and empowers people to their greatest health and potential.  She creates an awareness of the choices that we all have, as we hold our health in our own hands. Lisa specializes in family and childrens health. She finds it extremely rewarding to witness the incredible benefits and changes within a family as diet and lifestyle changes are made.  She takes special interest in type 1 diabetes and the positive effects of a holistic lifestyle on blood sugar regulation. Lisa’s vision for the future of the IONC and  its members is to be supported and respected for our knowledge and ability to create a positive impact on the health and wellness of our country; to have the freedom to practice what we do; and to have continued access to life & health enhancing, quality supplements.


3.Angela Borgeest ROHP, RNCP 



Angela is a graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (first class honours)

She is a  current IONC  Board  Director  having volunteered in various roles  since 2008.

Her recommendations are based on back to grassroots nutrition with 21st century practical findings recognizing: Everyone is Bio-unique.

In 2003, Angela piloted the “Art of Living” in Toronto. She has given lectures and workshops at Whole Foods, Oakville Parent-Child Center as well as organizations such as Women’s International Network and at her Alma Mater: Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Angela has won the Oakville Beaver Readers Choice Diamond Award for ‘Best Nutritionist’ several times in recent years.

Angela founded the first Wholistic Women’s Fair in Oakville in 2007 where the public can discover  products and services leading to a happier life feeding body-mind-spirit . In 2010 the Wholistic Family Fair was created to replace the Wholistic Women’s Fair and has successfully branched out to  surrounding areas . Proceeds from the Fair have supported non profit organizations such as Humane Society, Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Services, Habitat for Humanity Halton, Halton Women’s Centre, International Schizophrenia Society, Big Brothers and Big Sisters , Wellspring and more..

In 2012, Angela founded the Health and Lifestyle Network Group Which offers networking opportunities for integrative practices and products.

Apart from Nutrition, Angela also practices Iridology to complement her nutritional assessments as well as conduct Chi Kung classes Yin Style to help rebalance organs and increase energy.

4.Sunita Mohan, HD, RHN, RNCP,ROHPSunita

Sunita is a current Director with IONC having volunteered in various roles since 2011.

Sunita is a Homeopathic Doctor, Metabolic Balance Coach, Holistic Nutritionist and co-author of family cookbook, “Feed Me…I’m Hungry”.  Sunita for years suffered with migraine headaches; she tried homeopathic medicines, diet & lifestyle changes to find relief. Her energy increased, and hasn’t had a migraine for over 10 years. This great healing is what made her decide to study Nutrition and Homeopathy, now she is dedicated to helping her clients reach their optimum health and nutritional goals.  You can see her on Rogers cable 10 hosting Health Matters and currently she is the health expert for “Kitty Talk” on Omni TV.  She was featured on the Dr. Oz show talking about Ancient Ayurvedic Secrets for weight loss in May 2012.  She has recently lost inches off her waistline with the Metabolic Balance program and now is a certified coach herself.


5.Gail Winter RNCP,ROHPgail

Gail currently has a private practice in Barrie, Ontario, specializing in individualized dietary and nutritional regimes for clients.  She has a diversified, three decade background in business, teaching, and spiritual leadership.  Gail is a graduate of CSNN,  and also has her certification in Teacher Training.  The addition of on-going studies in homeopathy, bio-therapeutic drainage, and herbal therapies earned her the designation of R.O.H.P.  Gail teaches and leads natural health workshops in the Barrie and Simcoe County area.  Her experience includes Chair of the Board of Directors for Independent Living Services of Simcoe County, and regularly speaks on their behalf  during the United Way Campaign, sharing her own miraculous transformation  story involving organic food and natural supplements.  Since Gail joined the IONC board of Directors, she has been active in the areas of new member approval, interviewing prospective board members, as well as promoting and educating people about the IONC and the many benefits of membership.


6. Ara Wiseman RHN ROHP RNCP


I have been a practicing member of the IONC for 16 years. I began my career working in clinics with other health care professionals. I then set up and managed nutrition departments in multiple gyms throughout Toronto, hiring and training nutritionists.  In my private practice, I have worked with thousands of clients over the years that have been diagnosed with various health conditions. I have worked extensively in the fields of addiction, mental health, and Neuroendocrine cancer. I have also had the privilege of hiring and mentoring co-op students from IHN, to work in my practice. Additionally, I have worked in various organizations and corporations in health and nutrition.

Throughout the course of my career, I have written and published three books: Feed Your Body Feed Your Soul, The Healing Option, and A Smoother You. As an instructor, I have been teaching the nutrition course at the Transformational Arts College since 2004. I have taught at CSNN in the past and also participated on their examination panel. Beginning this fall, I will be writing and teaching courses at George Brown College.

From my years of experience as a practicing nutritionist I understand the needs of our industry. Helping our industry work towards increased professional recognition for insurance purposes, and to create more job opportunities with medical professionals including patient referrals. I also feel nutritionists need proper, easily accessible, and convenient upgrading opportunities, as well as resources, to remain up-to-date and to continually expand their knowledge base. I think that the IONC needs a closed member forum with a panel of established experts, where nutritionists can ask questions, share experiences, and receive advice – especially when dealing with complicated cases. The goal of the forum would be to help members run successful practices, while offering their clients the best nutritional care. This would help to grow and establish our reputation as a professional organization.

7. Sandra Nobrega ROHP RNCP R.Ac(grandparented)sandra-nobrega-photo

Sandra’s passion for natural health led her into in the field in 2004 when she studied holistic nutrition (CSNN). She progressively increased her knowledge to include Orthomolecular health practitioner (ROHP/RNCP), applied kinesiology (Touch for health level 1 and a certificate course),Biofeedback (CBS), Acupuncture (R.Ac grandparented member, CTCMPAO),Reiki (level 2),iridology (European and American certificates).Sandra opened her own practice in 2005 and remains committed to her clients and their long-term health. She holds a bachelor of arts degree from Carlton University and her work background prior to her natural health career included banking , financial reporting and office management.

Sandra is excited to  join the board of IONC grounded in the belief and appreciation that much work is required to change perceptions and acceptance at the legislative level as well as a desire to give back in a positive and supportive way to the field that she feels strongly about.