Business Building Seminar Presenters and expert panel Bios

Jayne S. Huhtanen, Certified Business Coach and Trainer

FocalPoint Coaching of Toronto


Jayne Huhtanen has been coaching and training others to help them grow and meet their professional and personal goals for over 25 years. As a serial entrepreneur and a Certified FocalPoint Business Coach and Trainer, Jayne helps her clients clarify their goals, identify the challenges and opportunities they face, and develop and implement solutions to deliver immediate and tangible results. She has been a guest speaker at RBC Small Business Advice events, and delivers workshops and seminars to help Professionals on topics ranging from Leadership and Goal Setting, Marketing and Sales to Personal Productivity and Time Management. Prior to FocalPoint, Jayne spent more than 25 years at Procter & Gamble, contributing business-building strategies, product, and marketing plans; coaching numerous others to achieve their professional and personal goals; and developing and delivering global training programs.



Natasha Mitchell, founder

Wildly Successful Biz


Natasha Mitchell is a founder and co-owner of Wildly Successful Biz.  She has over 20 years of experience in the corporate world as a business process, change management and training consultant.  She has worked with global clients, across a wide range of industries.  She is excited to translate this experience into solutions that are easy for small business to apply.  As an entrepreneur herself, she understands the challenge of stretching limited resources and the need to quickly identify and pivot when things are not working.  Too often she sees inexperienced business owners fail because they do not start with a clear direction, lose focus, recognize when it is time to pivot or try to do too much too soon.  Natasha wants to change this.  She has developed programs that break down the complexity of business to make it easy and fun. She is here to help as many entrepreneurs as possible bring their great ideas to life and be Wildly Successful.

Natasha Mitchell

Diane Karnay, Counsel

Wilson Vukelich LLP


Diane practices corporate and commercial law in the Business Law Group of Wilson Vukelich LLP. She provides general corporate advice to both for-profit and not-for-profit clients, negotiates and implements commercial transactions, and has significant experience in mergers and acquisitions, information technology, e-commerce, privacy, information technology and business process outsourcing, franchising, trade-mark and copyright matters.

Diane graduated from the University of Toronto, with an Honours B.A. in English, and earned her law degree from the University of Windsor. She has practiced law and been involved in legal/business affairs, both in private practice and as corporate counsel, for over 25 years. She has represented a leading national company in its procurement and management of software, hardware and technology services, including complex systems integration design, build and implementation projects, strategic alliance arrangements, onshore and offshore outsourcing transactions, online services, and both straight-forward and complex licensing projects.

Diane is a member of the Ontario Bar Association, the Toronto Computer Lawyers Group, the Canadian IT Law Association, TechConnex (formerly the York Technology Association), and the Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs. She is also a registered trade-mark agent with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

diane  karnay

Lisa Kember – Regional Development Director, Eastern Canada


Constant Contact


Lisa Kember is the Regional Director for Constant Contact in Canada East. Through educational workshops and seminars, she has taught more than 15,000 small businesses, entrepreneurs, associations and non-profits how to use online technology to market their organizations more effectively.


Lisa is also an entrepreneur. She ran a business-to-business marketing agency for more than 10 years before exiting from the business in 2009. She currently holds ownership in two additional ventures in the real estate and educational sectors.


Lisa holds a BA in Honours English from University of Waterloo and a Resource Development Management diploma from Sheridan College.



Arlene Rogers CPA CGA MBA PMI

ARIL Enterprises

Working her way up from general accounting clerk to Controller of a $ ½ billion company makes Arlene the ideal individual to explain all facets from bookkeeping to accounting.  She is now a new business owner and totally ‘gets’ what it means to wear all the hats.


Previous workshop attendee comments:

“I always like sessions where there is active participation.  Like this one.”

“The workshop was clear and inspiring.”

“Arlene’s direct questions cut to the key ingredients it will take to bring [my business] to a New Success”

“Arlene’s presentations are always insightful.”

Arlene Rogers


Sunita Mohan, HD, RHN, RNCP/ROHP

Sunita is a Homeopathic doctor and Holistic Nutritionist.  Co-author of family cookbook, “Feed Me…I’m Hungry”.  Sunita for years suffered with migraine headaches; she tried Homeopathic medicines, and diet & lifestyle changes to find relief.  After this change she lost 15 lbs, her energy increased, and hasn’t had a migraine for 10 years. This great healing is what made her decide to study Nutrition and Homeopathy, now she is dedicated to helping her clients reach their optimum health and nutritional goals.  You can see her on Rogers cable 10 hosting Health Matters and currently she is the Health expert for “Kitty Talk” on Omni TV.  She was featured on the Dr. Oz show taking about Ancient Ayurvedic Secrets.  She specializes in the healing properties of spices and Ayurvedic cooking.  She is currently working with Metabolic Balance to help her clients lose weight and eat according to their blood results.  . – 416-994-8393



Angela Borgeest ROHP, RNCP Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner, Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner, is a graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition with First Class Honors. Her recommendations are based on back to grassroots nutrition with 21st century practical findings recognizing: Everyone is Bio-unique

In 2003, Angela piloted the “Art of Living” in Toronto where people could learn about preventative health and nutrition through their lifespan. She has given lectures and workshops at Whole Foods, Oakville Parent-Child Center as well as international organizations such as Women’s International Network and at her Alma Mater: Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Angela has won the Readers Choice Diamond Award by the Oakville Beaver nominating her as ‘Best Nutritionist’ in 2007-2009 and again in 2011


Apart from Nutrition, Angela also practices Iridology to complement her nutritional assessments as well as conduct Chi Kung classes Yin Style to help rebalance organs and increase energy. Angela is trained in Far Infrared Sauna therapy and homeopathic remedies.


Angela founded the first Wholistic Women’s Fair in Oakville since 2007 where a ‘toolbox’ towards discovery of products and services leading to a happier life feeding body-mind-spirit can be found. She has been actively organizing this annual event and the Fair celebrated its third year in Oakville by 2010 when the Wholistic Family Fair was created to replace the Wholistic Women’s Fair as a venue to outreach more people and since then has branched out to Mississauga as an annual event till 2012. Proceeds from the Fair has supported non profit organizations such as Oakville Humane Society, Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Services, Habitat for Humanity Halton, Halton Women’s Centre, International Schizophrenia Society, Big Brothers and Big Sisters Mississauga, Wellspring and more..


In 2012, Angela founded the Health and Lifestyle Network Group that meets in Oakville, Hamilton and Guelph. Apart from networking opportunities for integrative practices and products, unique to this group is the public can participate by attending and bringing their health related questions or curiosities where integrative solutions to vibrant living can be offered. Angela also assumed the role of talk show hostess in her program call Alternative Solutions to Vibrant Living in the HazeFm radio broadcast regularly till 2013.


Angela is one of the Board of Directors with the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC).


Angela derives satisfaction in her role of working with people to help them feel good, and look good– inside and out. Acknowledging the importance of body-mind-spirit balance is what Angela is passionate about and she works tirelessly to promote.



Tania Heinemann, Registered Nutritionist (RHN, RNCP)

Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
Tania has a passion for educating people about nutritional healing starting from the inside. She decided to study Nutrition in 1999, after years of being chronically sick as a result of digestive issues.


Tania has her diploma as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). She is a member of the IONC (International Organization of Nutritional Consultants) where she holds her Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner status and has run her nutrition practice for the past 11 years in Waterloo Region. Tania co-owns Wellness Team On Queen in Cambridge, ON, which now has 9 health care practitioners.


Tania specializes in digestion issues, fatigue, thyroid and adrenal imbalances, weight loss, infant and children’s health, pre and postnatal concerns including breastfeeding.  Tania does food sensitivity testing and offers a genetic food intolerance evaluation.


To contact Tania:

Tel (519) 716-0956


Patsy Commisso

Best Nutritionist: Platinum Award for the Oakville Readers’ Choice Awards and owner of Metabolic Care Clinics( MCC) in Oakville.

As a young girl, I was very athletic, but struggled to control my weight. I began to try different diets and research healthy eating in my spare time. My interest for nutrition kept on growing, not only did I want to learn for myself, I wanted to teach others. My education plus passion, personal and 10 years of patient experience makes me the best nutritionist I can be. I enjoy what I do because I witness people’s live change for the better! I am a certified nutritionist that has studied conventional nutrition at the Ryerson University as well as Holistic nutrition at Institute of Holistic Nutrition. I believe that combining both practices is the winning formula for optimal health!

Patsy’s team at MCC include nutritionists ,Dieticians Personal trainers and physiotherapists.


Contest Winner

Picking the luck winner

Picking the lucky winner

Tag Line Contest winner

IONC General Manager Catherine Carleton Fitchett

IONC Directors Lisa Pigott and Angela Borgeest
with IONC Staff Christine Smith and Penny Headrick
at IONC office in Oakville choosing the lucky winner!
Congratulations to IONC member Lori Kay for her winning entry
“IONC Health by Association”
Lori receives $100.00 discount towards her membership renewal.

IONC/ONMPA Proposed Regulation of Practitioners update

Dave Levac IONC meetingIONC management recently met with Dave Levac,  Ontario Liberal  Candidate (Brant MPP & Speaker of the House for 14 years) to discuss strategies  to move our submission forward.

Dear Dave,
Thank you for taking the time this morning to continue discussions regarding proposed regulation of our naturotherapists/ nutritionists. [Read more…]

IONC AGM Summary

Dr Drake presentingThe IONC hosted its annual AGM on Feb 7th 2014 at the Admiral Inn in Mississauga, Ontario.  Members of the Board of Directors attended, along with several ROHPs/RNCPs.  Thanks to all for coming!

The meeting was broken up into 3 sections: firstly, Executive Director Christine Smith welcomed everyone to the AGM and took care of administrative details.  This included reviewing the minutes of last year’s meeting and presenting this year’s agenda.  Treasurer and Board Member Angela Borgeest finished off the administrative portion by presenting the financials from last year.

The second area covered in the meeting involved a speech by IONC President and Board Member Irene Yaychuk-Arabei.  In her annual report to the membership, Irene focused on the process of regulation of massage therapists and naturopaths in Ontario.  If we understand their journey we can take courage and inspiration for our own path.

There have been many changes in regulation over the past 30 – 40 years, and various professions have had to evolve just as we are.   Irene outlined the route that massage therapists took, including the role of the schools, the government, and the practitioners.  Irene then discussed naturopathy’s even more bumpy road to regulation, including resistance, threats, and actual deregulation in some jurisdictions.   Serious lobbying and letter writing occurred during the 1990s, and eventually in 2000 the Canadian College of Natural Medicine received accreditation.  This process involved considerable tenacity, public support, and scientific based evidence.

The discussion of the journey to regulation for naturopaths led to a reflection on the IONC’s current submission in Ontario, and Irene reviewed the importance of clear vision and leadership, with ROHPS and RNCPs using one strong voice.  She reviewed the partnership with BDNMP and listed many benefits of IONC membership including newly introduced initiatives such as discounts at Good Life Fitness Clubs, Virtual Health dispensing, and access to blood testing clinics.   We are in a very strong position as we finish our 30th year and there is much to anticipate moving forward.

After a short break, the third and final portion of the AGM began:  our three guest speakers.  Dr Deborah Drake gave the keynote address, highlighting the importance of our profession.  She offered guidance in the area of nutritional wellbeing, covering areas such as immunology, complimentary medicine, and how to define our scope of practise.  Dr Drake reviewed the key goal of ROHPs/RNCPs: getting people “back to balance.”  She discussed nutritional strategies, evidence based medicine,  the role of supplements, and the effects of poor nutrition.  Dr Drake further reviewed the benefits of detoxification, vegetarianism, minerals and the use of physical assessments of a client.  Several specific foods were reviewed and discussed in terms of nutritional practises.

Dr Buce Ally spoke next .  He explained his own journey to holistic healing and how he has been able to combine his personal background with his law degree to assist with legal efforts in this field. Dr Ally was involved with the successful regulation efforts of the homeopaths and the acupuncturists in Ontario, and he offered the group an update on our own regulatory government submission In Ontario.  He explained the affiliation of the IONC and the BDMDP and talked about how the Ministry of Health runs these processes, which professions are already regulated, and how this differs across Canada.  He then answered member questions (from the audience as well as questions which had been submitted in advance).  Dr Ally reviewed why it is important to be a regulated profession and how this will benefit our profession.  He finished his presentation with a discussion of insurance coverage and ongoing petitions to Ontario MPPS involving the regulatory file.

The third and final guest speaker was IONC Board Member, ROHP, homeopath, and TV personality Sunita Mohan.  Sunita gave an animated lecture about ayruvedic healing.   She discussed how food and spices can enhance health.  In addition to reviewing the three constitutions of the body and the three gunas, Sunita circulated different spices and food tips to the group.  She discussed the six tastes of Ayurveda and the healing properties therein.  The role of energy provided a great discussion to end this topic.

The AGM meeting was adjourned late in the afternoon of the 7th.

Attendees 1Bruce Catherine Paul during break

Essentials of Nutrition and Metabolism: The view from 30,000 Feet

viewIONC One Day Seminar Presented by:

Dr James Meschino DC, MS, ND, ROHP. 
On October 25  2013 Dr Meschino presented this new seminar to IONC members. Dr Meschino reviewed the key aspects of digestion, metabolism, and utilization of all important macro and micronutrients, as they impact energy production, body fat status, lipoprotein physiology, lipid levels and atherosclerosis, blood sugar, brain, liver, kidney, thyroid and adrenal function, myocardial function, blood pressure, as well as cancer prevention and development. [Read more…]