Professional Member

How much does professional registration cost?

Canadian applicants                $375.00 + applicable tax

Please note Ontario residents are required to pay a supplemental fee of $25.00 to support our joint government regulation submission. 

Regular new member fee

$375 +$25.00     + HST 13% = $ 452.00   ONT

$375                      + HST 13% = $ 423.75   NB

$375                      + HST 14% = $ 427.50   PE

$375                      + HST 15% = $ 431.25   NS

$375                     + GST 5%   = $ 393.75   AB BC QC  MB NL SK NT NU YT

International applicants        $375.00   in Canadian funds.

Our membership year runs from April 1 to March 31

If your application is received after August 1st  your base fee for the remaining membership year will be pro-rated.


Applications received Jan 1 st to Feb 15 will have their membership extended into the next membership year a monthly pro rated charge of $30 will be charged for Jan /Feb .

A yearly renewal fee and educational upgrading (25 hours) is due by March 31st each year .

From Mid February we offer an Early Discounted renewal fee Of $325 plus tax +ON fee where applicable rising to $375 plus tax for those members who renew late.

A member will be considered expired if their renewal fees are not paid before the Annual General Meeting(AGM).

Expired members (up to 2 years) will be required to pay a membership reinstatement fee of $100.00 before their renewal can be activated.

Expired members (greater than 2 years) will be required to pay a membership reinstatement fee of $250.00 before their renewal can be activated.


How do I apply?

Please click on the” join us” icon and scroll down to professional member to Download 2016/2017 application form and member pledge.

Send all requested documents including

  • A cheque money order or credit card for the membership fee, payable to the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants.
  • A completed application form for Professional Membership in IONC.
  • A signed and dated copy of the “ROHP or RNCP Pledge”.
  • One passport sized photo.
  • Copies of transcripts, photocopies of certificates and any other documentation for your training qualifications (no originals please).
  • A cover letter stating why you wish to become registered. (Include any other health support you may provide to your clients and your reasons for doing so.)
  • Letters from two professional people who would be willing to give you character references. (A professional person could include a lawyer, accountant, teacher, minister, doctor, nurse, chiropractor, manager, etc.)
  • A curriculum vitae, resume or any other information that may support your application.

Send all requested documents to:

By Mail

International Organization of Nutritional Consultants
115 George St.Suite 513 Oakville, Ontario, Canada, L6J 0A2

By Email

or Fax 905 815 9731


Liability Insurance

IONC offers Claims Made V’s Occurrence policies to members to give them the lowest premium costs, best coverage amount at the lowest long term cost.

IONC does not administer insurance cover for its members but offers preferential rates from  Our 2 preferred insurance providers .

IONC Liability insurance options for members


PHSG highlights

Underwritten by AON

Runs November to November with premiums pro rated by month if one joins after November

Covers over 100 modalities for no additional cost

Cost starting from

$135.00 per year option one modalities /$185.00 for option 2 modalities (plus $30 registration fee)

for $2 000 000 coverage

Limits available from 2million to 5 million

One of the most competitive and comprehensive programs in the industry.

Includes both Commercial Liability (slip and fall) as well as Professional Liability

(Errors and Omissions insurance)

Professional coverage extends to any employee of the insured including students and volunteers.

Out of country coverage for up to 120 days

Teaching extensions available at an additional cost for certain modalities

And so much more… Please see PHSG sell sheet for details and list of covered modalities.


Partners Indemnity highlights

Underwritten by Echelon

Cost starting from $120.00 for 1 000 000 coverage Nutrition Only

Program runs Sept to Sept with premiums reduced by 50% for members who join after March


Additional modality can be covered starting at $205 for 1 000 000 coverage

Commercial General (slip and fall ) can be purchased starting from $313

Sole Practitioner Business Package – Property and Crime Insurance starting from $404

Office/ Clinic Package – Property and Crime Insurance starting from $675

Members receive renewal notices directly from their insurance provider.

Please remember that full Continual professional indemnity insurance is a requirement for continued practitioner registration with the IONC including listing on the IONC directory.

After you have been approved by our Board and received your IONC Registration # You will be emailed a link to purchase  your choice of IONC group Professional Liability insurance.

Please contact the office if you would like more details.



If you already have your own liability insurance please enclose proof of existing malpractice insurance with your membership application.

Membership Applications are normally processed and approved by IONC Board of Directors within 2 weeks . Please allow up to 4 weeks during our renewal period (March/April) and holidays .