Lisa Paul, ROHP RNCP

As a nutritionist I am eager to help people learn to enjoy eating nutritious whole foods. I can assess hidden food intolerances and nutritional deficiencies. I can guide you through a nutritional detoxification or cleanse in order to support your body\’s natural detoxification processes to help eliminate wastes and toxins that can damage cells, tissues and organs.

Homeopathy uses natural medicine that is very beneficial for a wide variety of ailments in people of all ages. Homeopathy works amazingly as first aid for healing injuries and coughs and colds and flus.

I love to work with children, and families of all ages. I am especially interested in children with behavioural issues, digestive problems such as acid reflux, and any kind of mental and emotional issues including autism and ADHD. I love homeopathy for the profound healing it can do on a mental and emotional level.

I am passionate about helping you as an individual. I believe there are many paths to wellness. If you are ready for a change, I am here to help guide you.

My disciplines of study include:

Homeopathy is form of alternative medicine in which practitioners use highly diluted preparations that are believed to cause healthy people to exhibit symptoms that are similar to those exhibited by the patient.
Nutritional Specialities
A wide range of services using Whole foods in therapeutic combination with the primary goal of supporting and stimulating the body’s natural healing ability.




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