Sarah Aerssen, RNCP

I graduated with honours from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, Ontario and from there have worked in a clinic setting seeing clients. I have also had experience running a health food store with my husband and his family. Since bringing my first child into the world in 2010, I have decided to focus my practice on pre and post natal nutrition; infant, toddler and child nutrition since this has become my passion. I believe if we raise our children on healthy food and teach them to nourish their bodies and minds we can overcome disease and illness.

My disciplines of study include:

Applied Kinesiology
Applied Kinesiology™ uses a variety of assessment and treatment techniques, including muscle testing, meridian therapy, joint mobilization, myofascial techniques, cranialsacral based techniques, nutritional counselling, and reflexology to treat a wide variety of conditions and energy imbalances.
Meal planning
Discipline description is currently unavailable.
Nutritional Specialities
A wide range of services using Whole foods in therapeutic combination with the primary goal of supporting and stimulating the body’s natural healing ability.


Back 2 Basics Nutritional Counseling
Chatham ON CA
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