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 Hi, I’m Tammra and I have 20+ years experience working in the holistic health field as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and NLP / HNLP Master Practitioner as well as working and performing in the entertainment industry as a Professional DJ and Event Planner.

My chosen career paths may seem far apart, but here’s what they have in common: they both help us create and celebrate new grooves, new moves, and new ways of thinking and experiencing the world around us, and can lead us to creating our own happiness.

What if you too could tap into these old grooves and produce a new record, create a new map, a new groove for your best life?

Here’s a little story about me…

For the past 20 years I have been fascinated by the human condition…including my own timeline. Upon having a nervous breakdown between 2006 and 2009, debilitating anxiety had left me mostly afraid to leave the house. This woke me up. Big time. I decided to ask The Big Questions and the answers I found helped me breakthrough my anxiety, remap my life and manifest the life of my freakin’ dreams.

Up until then, I was already very passionate about holistic nutrition and had been working in health food stores since the early 90’s! At the same time I was also developing my skills as a professional dj and event planner. Now, you might be thinking that these are seemingly opposite professions to be in and I guess I did too. Believing I couldn’t be or do both, I lived two lives, with two heads, which took its toll on my mental and physical well-being. By day I was a clean-living health nut, but spinning in the clubs, I really battled with peer pressure around drinking and doing drugs and most of the time, I lost.

So often I would make resolutions …

And then in the midst of things, it seemed like I was on autopilot. I’d just make risky decisions without much thought, and later I couldn’t even tell you why or what I was thinking. Sometimes it felt like I wasn’t thinking at all, just ping-ping-ping reacting like a pinball in a machine.

Sure, I had some super fun times, but it came at a cost. When most people would just sleep off a hangover, I would drop into self-hate because what I was doing was spiritually and physically so far out of alignment. I would literally beat myself up. I eventually ended up with severe panic attacks and even thoughts of suicide. It wasn’t until a divorce in 2009 that broke me open, that I realized that this double-life and being out of integrity in my body, mind and soul was a slow death.

It was time to make some real changes.

This rock bottom place led me to something called NLP – Neuro-linguistic programming / psychology. For the next few years, I committed wholeheartedly to studying and mastering these techniques and used it to break-through my debilitating anxiety. My NLP techniques and tools were – and still are – life-savers.

If you’re new to NLP, here’s the gist of it: You know how I said it felt like I was making automatic decisions without conscious thought? That’s actually how our brains function. Each and every day, most of the decisions we make take place on the subconscious level. Something happens, and the needle in our brain drops into the pre-existing groove and we react without thinking. Not just in crisis, but a million times a day.

​We use our subconscious grooves for everything from buying yogurt (we instinctively choose the one we’re familiar with or the brand we trust; that’s a subconscious groove) to deciding who to pay attention to (our subconscious detects and decodes authority and status symbols which means we’re more likely to pay attention to a boss or a leader or a pretty face rather than someone with fewer status symbols and cues). Unconscious decision-making is evolutionary and saves us from decision-fatigue. It can also get us into trouble, because we habituate negative sequences and develop unconscious grooves for negative behaviour, which is how we end up doing the same things over and over again without even thinking about it.

Here’s the cool thing about NLP, though: we can raise the negative sequences to the level of consciousness and interrupt them. We can interrupt our negative grooves. We can also program positive and desirable grooves into our subconscious minds. You know how you can automate your email or pre-record programs you want to watch? You can use NLP to automate good habits and pre-record your own success.

NLP helped me interrupt my negative grooves and create new and beneficial grooves in my mind, which rippled into to all areas of my life.

It wasn’t just a life-saver. It was a life-changer.

During this time, and in a good part because of my commitment to my studies and new practices, I realized that alcohol and drug abuse were my personal triggers to destructive behaviour. They dropped the needle into my unconscious, negative grooves and activated the unconscious, destructive sequences. So I consciously took that on. I decided to carve new grooves in my life. After more work on myself, working with Shamans and aligning myself with people who want more out of life, I am thrilled – ecstatic! – to tell you I have been sober since the September Full Moon of 2011.

What to do about dj-ing and dancing then? Now I was sober, committed to my studies and practices, and successfully mastering my mindset. Could I still spin records and dance? I wanted to. I had to. Creating soul-waking, booty shaking music and joyous vibes for groups of people and dancing are a part of me. They move me. They feed my soul. For a long time I split myself into two people; now it was time to integrate and be whole.

Plus, I’m the bomb on the turntables.

Knowing that music was a healer, I found a conscious dance class called 5Rhythms and EPIPHANY! Everything clicked. I suddenly saw how it all fit together. Holistic nutrition, NLP, soul work, dj’ing and conscious dance: they’re each healing tools that help us create new maps in our minds and souls. They help us shake out of the old, negative, destructive grooves and create new ones: physically, psychologically, soulfully, and spiritually. Each of these things is powerful on its own, but together? Together they’re big magic and powerful healing medicine for your life. All of these things, together, help us get unstuck and create new grooves and new ways forward. They can up your life frequency.

And that is The New Groove Revolution.

Get out of your old destructive tracks. Shake through them, set up new grooves, and most importantly >> get YOUR groove on!

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